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Our customers require microLIQUID´s capabilities to design, develop and manufacture microfluidic solutions. Due to our vertical integration and capabilities in  Polymer and Silicon microfluidic technologies, we are able to manufacture highly reproducible microfluidic cartridges with photolithography precision (including the fabrication of our own polymer moulds, electroformed metal moulds and injection moulding tools), which, in turn, allows you to manufacture your first microfluidic prototypes in just a few weeks (3-4), with a very fast iteration for getting your alpha and beta production and the final transfer to mass manufacturing by using the same design and materials, thus making the transfer to production stages both easy and fast.

Our customers´ products also need everything to be performed under ISO certification. microLIQUID  works with and delivers silicon and polymer micro-technologies with certification under ISO13485. Thanks to our capabilities, we can properly measure what our production process does at every stage of the manufacturing route, including the mould tooling stages.

Transforming your IVD test or pharmaceutical device into a fully manufactured microfluidic product is our job. One of our key strengths is the ability to provide novel processing solutions where conventional manufacturing processes are no longer valid.

With ISO 13485-certifed manufacturing processes and from Class 10 to Class 10,000 cleanrooms under the same roof, microLIQUID can manufacture your products rapidly and reliably.

microLIQUID develops and manufactures fully automated analyzer systems for IVD, life science and drug delivery equipment. Working closely with our clients, we combine our microfluidic engineering and instrument expertise to accomplish the goals in every step of the product development process and production.

microLIQUID´s product development process covers the entire spectrum, converting early-stage product concepts into total automated platforms.

At microLIQUID, our engineers and scientists have an extensive background and ample qualifications in the development and manufacture of immunoassays and molecular diagnostics platforms, among others. Our experience is essential to establish the process of development of new technologies and the successful translation to automated cartridge solutions.

microLIQUID has a total dedicated physical containment Level 2 laboratory. Our biolab has the latest and most precise equipment to perform bioassays, helping our clients to develop and verify their technologies.

Are you interested in meeting us?

Are you interested in meeting us? We are pleased to invite you to visit our booth #1646, where we will be showcasing our latest offerings and technologies, and we will have our top product experts on hand to answer your questions. Do not hesitate to book a meeting.

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